It's, it's, a posting blitz!

All of today’s posts (and more) occurred to me just today. It’s not lost on me that I’ve gone months (eek!) without adding much to this site, which is supposed to be increasingly my main place for yapping and updating would-be readers, and then have blitzed it with a few posts.

Have I left Facebook yet? No.

Should I have by now? Hell yes.

Am I still going to? Hell yes again.

Do I know when for sure? Back to no.

Will I stop asking questions I answer myself? For now.

Part of the problem is that I’m trying to find a template for this site that I’m happy with. Meaning, that looks good plus lets me do all the stuff I want to do on it. And that hasn’t happened yet despite efforts, which I ebb and flow on making.

I shall strive to be more frequent with posting, and I’ll have to beg your tolerance when I veer off into brief flurries of posts. And I shall—HEAR ME, O INTERNET GODS!—I SHALL make a more concerted effort to getting this site up to snuff and start shamelessly promoting it. Which will be short-lived. Don’t you worry.

Hey, it’s late.

Hey, I’m going to get notably too little sleep again.

Hey, good night!

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